'Genius' hack shows how to apply fake tan to your back if you live alone

It’s all very well being an independent woman/man until it’s time to fake tan.

Reaching awkward areas – particularly the middle of your back – can be a nightmare, causing you to contort and stretch in pursuit of an even glow.

However, TikTokers have been sharing a hack to help you get streak-free coverage when solo – and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Sophie Anne Smith, who lives alone, recently posted a video detailing the tip.

Taking a coathanger, Sophie slides one corner into her usual tanning mitt, holding the other corner rather than wearing the mitt on her hand.

She applies tanning mousse as normal and uses both hands to glide the product over her back, showing off an even, sun-kissed result.

‘That one time I listened to a TT life hack,’ Sophie captioned the video, adding: ‘Perks of living solo dolo.’

Over 32,000 people have liked the explainer, with one person simply writing, ‘Thank you for this.’

Perks of living solo dolo 🫠 #tanhack #tan #selftanner #selftanning

‘Damn I’ve been going pretzel mode to get the back,’ joked another, while one convert to the method said: ‘I’ve been doing this for five years and no one believes it works!’

It appears that the key to making the hack work is using a coathanger that’s made of a non-slip material rather than smooth metal or wood. A velour or silicone hanger will keep the mitt in place for precision application.

Alternatively, you could go for one of the purpose-built solutions on the market for tanning – although a spare coathanger is naturally cheaper.

Skinny Tan makes a back applicator that costs £11.99, which is long and has handles on either side. Use in the same way you’d dry your back with a long towel, buffing in your tan as you go.

Alternatively, the Bondi Sands back applicator is currently just £5.29 at LookFantastic (previously priced at £6.99).

This device looks a little different, with extendable, replaceable pads that can be folded out to improve your reach.

If you don’t want to rely on a helping hand, one of these workarounds will ensure you’re not left streaky or patchy.

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