Rosalía's Bejeweled Nail Art at the Grammys Looks Like Tiny, Razor-Sharp Daggers

Rosalía isn’t afraid to go heavy on the rhinestones, and her razor-sharp manicure at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards on Sunday is proof that you can look fierce down to your fingertips. The “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi” singer walked the red carpet in a red leather fringe dress accentuated by the layers of jewels piled on her nails. Sparkly, silver, and at least two-inches-long, each frosted nail is covered in rhinestones of all sizes to create a manicure that is truly the definition of frosted — it’s basically all the confirmation we needed that Roslía is dripping with style and class.

Keep scrolling to take a closer look at Rosalía’s dazzling nail art ahead.

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