A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton’s labour nearly ended in ‘complete disaster’

Laura Hamilton recalls breast milk blunder while filming

Laura Hamilton, 38, recently opened up about her two traumatic labours with her young children seven-year-old Rocco and five-year-old Tahlia, whom she shares with husband Alex Goward. The A Place In The Sun presenter revealed the birth of her youngest could have ended in “complete disaster”.

I’m here, she’s here, we’re all fine, it’s all good

Laura Hamilton

In a recent interview, Laura thought back to her troublesome labours with both children.

“Rocco was breached for five hours of being in labour,” she recalled.

“They mistook his head for his bottom.

She also remembered being in a birthing pool and after five hours, the nurses asked if she had been told that she wouldn’t have a normal birth.

“Well no, otherwise I wouldn’t be in a birthing pool being shrivelled like a prune!” she tutted.

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“Then with Tahlia, my uterus nearly ruptured and it could have ended in compete disaster,” she said, before looking on the positive side.

“But it didn’t thankfully!”

She added that after her terrible experiences, that in the end brought her two wonderful children, she tries to live her life by focusing on all the good in the world.

“It’s never good to focus on the negatives,” she told The Daily Star.

“Find the positive in it. I’m here, she’s here, we’re all fine, it’s all good.

“But when you look back actually, that was really scary and things could have gone a different way but they didn’t.

“That’s now kind of my approach to life.”

She went on to explain that’s the reason for creating her Birds With Baggage podcasts alongside Drag Queen La Voix.

“I just think that yes, this time is crap that we’re in right now, but I want to bring positivity,” she smiled.

The popular podcast sees the pair chat about everything, from work to their personal lives and Laura revealed that she had recently made a mistake by inviting her children to do a live workout with her on her Instagram, something her husband knew would be a bad idea.

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During the video, they spoke about keeping motivation at peak as the UK continues on through this third national lockdown.

Discussing home workouts and keeping fit, Laura revealed she trains with a PT every morning at 7am on the dot, something that left La Voix shocked.

“7 o’clock Laura?” she repeated, stunned.

Laura explained: “I have to, I have two children! Two small children!”

She continued: “Even then, I’ve done workouts with Kate at seven in the morning and Rocco and Tahlia are running around.

“It can be mayhem sometimes!”

But she admitted she has had opportunities to work out in the peace and quiet, more so now after inviting the kids to partake in a fun workout turned out to be chaos.

“Other times Alex will make them and he’ll keep them [out of the way],” she said.

“In fairness, it was my suggestion and idea that they came and joined a workout with me and he [[Alex] went, ‘Well that was a bad idea wasn’t it,'” she laughed.

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