Accusers nearing settlement in Harvey Weinstein ‘sex trafficking’ case, attorneys say

Attorneys for Harvey Weinstein’s former film studio and for a group of women who say the disgraced film producer sexually assaulted them told a federal judge in Manhattan on Tuesday that a settlement agreement with the lecherous producer’s accusers is “imminent.”

News that Weinstein, his accusers, board members from the Weinstein Cos. and the New York Attorney General’s Office were working out the terms of a $44 million settlement — of which $30 million would go to Weinstein’s accusers and which would be paid largely with insurance money — was revealed last month in a Delaware bankruptcy court.

If the deal is finalized, $14 million would be put up for attorney fees. The terms of the settlement did not sit well with all of Weinstein’s accusers — after the terms became public, Douglas Wigdor, who represents actress Wedil David, issued a statement in which he said that his client would not be a party to the settlement because that would allow Weinstein and the board members to “escape liability and accountability without, apparently, contributing a dime of their own money.”

The attorneys appeared before Manhattan federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein for a conference Tuesday in the case of 11 women who say they were victims of sex trafficking by Weinstein. They would not get into the specifics of the settlement agreement.

“We think we’re going to get a good resolution for the class,” said Elizabeth Fagan, who represents the group of women. She told Hellerstein that the parties are “very close” to finalizing the settlement.

Elior Shiloh, who represents Weinstein, told reporters after the hearing that bringing sex-trafficking claims against the movie mogul was “a real stretch.”

The settlement would have no effect on the criminal case against, which is scheduled to go to trial in Manhattan Supreme Court in September.

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