Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston: Sloppy and chic

Jennifer Aniston stepped out in an all-white ensemble, paired with a smart looking blazer and black handbag for a day of press.

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Adam Sandler chose blue track pants, a t-shirt and a hoodie.

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Jennifer stepped into “Jimmy Kimmel Live” wearing an olive green blazer and a black jumpsuit.

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Adam wore the same hoodie, a yellow t-shirt, and brown corduroy pants.

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Jennifer looks like she’s ready for a talk show. Adam looks like he’s ready to be seated at Chile’s.


Jennifer wore a sleek black leather mini-dress to the premiere of the movie.

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Adam dressed up his outfit by adding a polo shirt and a satin zip-up. Same corduroy pants though.

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Judging from his past premieres, Adam’s style choices aren’t changing anytime soon. He wore a strikingly casual outfit compared to David Spade’s button up and slacks to the premiere of “The Do-Over” in 2016.

But Hollywood, and his co-stars, love him anyway.

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