Alex Volkanovski Celebrates UFC Win By Chuggin' Champagne Out Of Shoe

Forget a bottle, get Alex Volkanovski a shoe … ’cause that’s what the UFC star was chuggin’ champagne out of at the Raiders game, celebrating his win over Brian Ortega.

And, we got it all on video!

The 32-year-old Aussie fighter hit up the Dolphins vs. Raiders game on Sunday — after his crazy unanimous decision victory the night before at UFC 266 — and the football game was LIT!

Check out this clip … you can clearly see AV enjoyin’ himself in Allegiant Stadium’s end zone nightclub, watching the game with his UFC belt and a crowd of people.

That’s when Alex really starts to party — in the most Australian way — by chuggin’ some bubbly outta somebody’s shoe!

And, get this, it wasn’t Volkanovski’s sneaker … it was some dude’s navy Vans.

One drink wasn’t enough … the champ yelled ‘give me some more!’ — and promptly got a shoe refill.

FYI, there’s a name for this sorta thing — a “shoey” — a popular way to drink beer in the Land Down Under. Alex subbed champagne for beer … he was celebrating, after all.

Of course, Volkanovski wasn’t the only one in Vegas who got a W — the Raiders secured an overtime victory, and are 3-0.

Now, who’s thirsty?!?

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