Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Really Are Back Together For Some Reason

In light of the current state of things, some people are going easy on their diets or asking out their crushes, since the world's kind of ending anyway.

But even in this pandemic, the coronavirus isn't the only thing that you might not want to let into your house or your life.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have been teasing fans with an apparent reunion.

Fans wondered if they were just sheltering in place together for convenience, or better yet, just trolling fans with old footage.

It is with a heavy heart that we tell you that none of these excuses are panning out.

Ashley and Jay are back together, romantically, for real, and Us Weekly has confirmed this grim scenario.

By our count, this is their fifth reconciliation.

We're doomed.


2.They've split SO many times

3.Then, in January of 2019

4.Then, in the spring

5.Then, they secretly reconciled

6.Obviously, Ashley has been through it all

7.Clownery in the first degree

8.We'd call it unbelievable, but …

9.So take a look at this

10.Check out Ashley's IG

11.And then there's Jay's Instagram

12.Are they still married?

13.Will they do 90 Day Fiance again?

14.Some folks are celebrating

15.They're fighting … for their marriage

16.But WHY?

17.To be clear, they didn't *get* married

18.Still, fans are cheering them on

19.Still, this much is true

20.And here's the confirmation

21.The timing is not great

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