Bill Cosby Thinks R. Kelly Got Railroaded in Federal Sex Crimes Trial

Bill Cosby thinks R. Kelly got a raw deal with a guilty verdict in his federal sex crimes case … and he’s blaming Gloria Allred and systemic racism.

We got Cosby’s spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, at Avra in Beverly Hills and asked what his client’s reaction was to Kelly’s conviction on all 9 counts. He told us Cosby said, “The guy was railroaded.”

Naturally, Gloria is drawing most of Cosby and Wyatt’s ire … she represented alleged victims in both Cosby’s case and Kelly’s, and Andrew says she’s running a familiar playbook.

As we reported … R. Kelly was found guilty Monday on 9 federal counts, including racketeering, sex crimes, kidnapping, obstruction of justice and human trafficking.

While, Kelly’s looking at 10 years to life when he gets sentenced in May, Wyatt told us he doesn’t think the disgraced singer will actually be sentenced, because an appeals court will overturn the conviction.

He’s confident Kelly will walk free one day, just like Cosby, but there’s a big difference between their cases.

Cosby’s release from prison wasn’t about his guilt or innocence — it happened because the D.A. screwed him on a deal he’d made to avoid prosecution. Far as we know, Kelly didn’t have any such deal.

Cosby’s rep also took more shots at Gloria, and believes racism played a key factor in Kelly’s conviction.

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