Bill Gates Reclaims World's Richest Person Title From Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos must be licking his wounds today because he’s now only the second richest person on planet Earth.

Yep … the Microsoft stock climb has allowed Bill Gates to reclaim the top spot. At the close of business Friday, Bezos’ net worth was $108.7 billion … close but no cigar next to Gates, who came in at $110 bil.

Microsoft’s been on a roll this year. The stock value has increased by 48%, and that was enough to get bragging rights … at least today. Amazon’s stock took a tumble Friday … enough for Bezos to lose top position.

If Bezos were still married, there’d be no contest … he’d leave Gates in the dust. But, dividing the spoils of marriage put Bezos in a neck-in-neck race with Gates.

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