Cardi B Signals Approval Of ‘WAP’ Parody Encouraging Mask Wearing

Cardi B has expressed her approval for a parody of “WAP” created by students from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to encourage people to wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

The students’ version of Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion‘s hit collab is titled “Wear A Mask Please.” It features the vocal group The Mental Notes.

The video shows students, wearing masks, singing the re-worked lyrics. “I said safe and chic/ Seven days a week/ Wear a mask please/ Make the COVID curve weak” goes the song.

“Rock the science with a pose/ With the mask right on your face/ So it covers your mouth and nose,” raps a student.

“Vaccines are on the way, but masks are still one of the tools we can use to slow the spread of COVID-19. Consider this video… mask-a-roni in a bop,” the students wrote in the description.

Cardi retweeted the clip last week, giving her approval to the students for the “WAP” parody. She captioned her post “Sksksksk,” expressing excitement.

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