Carol Vorderman urges fans to complain to BBC bosses

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Carol Vorderman, 61, has posted several fiery tweets this week, as she alleged BBC hired “Tony donor” Richard Sharp to be their chairman. The former Countdown host claimed the public broadcaster is no longer unbiased due to their latest appointment as she urged her followers to lodge their complaints.

Yesterday, BBC Radio Wales host Carol reposted an article on Twitter from the BBC about complaints they had received upon appointing Sharp.

She claimed: “It seems this WAS on the BBC website re complaints about Chairman?

Carol then shared an article by Charlotte Tobbit on how former BBC presenter Emily Maitlis claimed she was “censored” by the BBC over her questioning of former Tory member Dominic Cummings.

The Loose Women star continued: “@maitlis speech last year after she left the BBC.May 2020.

“Dominic Cummings went to Barnard Castle. She said, ‘We can all see he’s done wrong, why can’t the government see the same’.

“It’s not YOUR BBC,” she added. has contacted the BBC for comment.

The post by Carol has already racked up an incredible 92k favourites on Twitter and has been shared over 1,000 times.

In the comments section, fans praised her for speaking up on the matter.

@benandmoya typed: “I must say I think you are amazing with all your finds and info, and campaigning. This may well mean you will not get a place in The Lords though.”

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Carol responded: “Ah I’ll be away on my paddleboard once this is done.”

However, others were sceptical over the claims.

@Sara520 claimed: “Really laughable. @maitlis is no victim. She smeared Corbyn and helped Tories get into No 10.”

In her much-scrutinised introduction on 26 May 2020, former Newsnight host Maitlis said Cummings, then Boris Johnson’s chief adviser, had “broken the rules” and added: “The country can see that and it’s shocked the government cannot.”

In response, a BBC spokesman said at the time: “The BBC places the highest value on due impartiality and accuracy and we apply these principles to our reporting on all issues.

“As we have made clear previously in relation to Newsnight we did not take action as a result of any pressure from Number 10 or the government and to suggest otherwise is wrong.

“The BBC found the programme breached its editorial standards and that decision still stands.”

On Wednesday (24 August), during a speech at the Edinburgh Television Festival, Maitlis spoke about this incident, saying: “Why had the BBC immediately and publicly sought to confirm the government spokesman’s opinion, without any kind of due process?”

In her speech, Maitlis also claimed that the BBC “sought to pacify” Number 10 by issuing a swift apology for her Newsnight monologue about Cummings.

She added that the programme’s introduction received “way more attention than in truth it ever deserved”.

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