Chris Evans: ‘Isn’t going to end well’ Virgin Radio host general election debate with wife

Chris Evans, 53, dropped a hint that he and his wife, Natasha might differ on political views amid the looming general election on December 12. He explained to his Virgin Radio listeners that they stopped the conversation because it “isn’t going to end well”.

We decided to skid tail that really quickly because this isn’t going to end well

Chris Evans

The host was reading headlines from the newspapers on his Wednesday morning show when he touched on the election.

“I’ve got to say the election campaign is getting juicy, isn’t it? It’s really becoming compelling for reading and listening and viewing.

“And last night around the tea table we all registered to vote online,” he revealed.

“All very exciting.”

The opportunity to register to vote has now ended, he joked: “You’re too late now though,” before going on to explain the process of registering.


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Chris was stunned when he found out people were given the option to choose who they were from a list of names corresponding from their national insurance number.

“You’re like, ‘it’s me!’” He giggled as his co-star Vassos Alexander could be heard laughing in the background.

The radio DJ said he found it “interesting” that he could see who lived around him during the process of picking his identity.

“I didn’t know they lived there. That was quite interesting,” he said.

“Then we decided to have a debate, my wife and I about who we were going to vote,” he sighed, before he dropped a hint that he and Natasha have different political views.

“We decided to skid tail that really quickly because this isn’t going to end well.”

So as not to carry on the conversation about Britain’s current political climate, the host kept referring back to their midweek song competition, Best Songs in the World Ever Wednesday.

Listeners text in songs for the show to play and then Chris decides whether they make it onto the list.

Earlier this year the host was targeting by a listener who was extremely unhappy with his recommendation that rock star, Meatloaf’s song Bat Out of Hell wasn’t adequate enough.

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Chris read out the text message to his team and listeners: “Kareem in Renfrewshire says that ‘after 35 years of listening to you I lost respect when you cheered and bopped and slated Bat Out of Hell for best songs in the world ever Wednesday. What are you thinking?’”

And on Wednesday’s show, he was bombarded by unimpressed listeners again.

“There’s so many songs to pick from!” Chris exclaimed as the show began.

But about an hour into Best Songs in the World Ever Wednesday, things quickly turned sour.

“It’s not all good news here from the top of the news tower,” the host admitted.


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“We’ve had lots more Meatloaf fans texting saying things like “that’s it Evan’s”, “quite liked you until now”, “lost all respect for you,” “what do you mean Bat Out of Hell isn’t the best song ever?!” It’s just no! It just isn’t!” Chris bellowed, trying to reason with listeners.

“Bat Out of Hell great album, Bat Out of Hell great song, but it’s not a greatest song in the world ever.”

“There are best songs that are on that album, but Bat Out of Hell isn’t one of them.

“Cease now!” He pleaded.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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