Christina Aguilera Reveals the Stage Name That Execs Wanted Her to Use

Christina Aguilera is opening up about how businessmen wanted her to change her name at the start of her career.

The 39-year-old singer is looking back at her first and only Spanish language album, Mi Reflejo, for a new feature in Billboard.

“I remember when I was first coming up, there was a big debate around me on changing my last name because all the businessmen around me thought it was too long, too complicated, and too ethnic,” Christina told the mag.

“‘Christina Agee‘ was an option, but that clearly wasn’t going to fly. I was dead set against the idea and I wanted to represent who I really was. Being Latina, it is a part of my heritage and who I am,” she added.

“There was another time in my childhood when I was being asked to legally change my name to my stepfather’s to be legally adopted and I was again dead set against it,” Christina said. “I’ve been fighting for my last name my whole life.”

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