Ciara Explains Why She Chose to End Engagement to Future

Ciara is opening up about her emotional split from ex-fiancé Future.

The 33-year-old musician remembered the pain that followed their breakup while making an appearance on Red Table Talk.

“I’d have moments when I would be in the shower, I’d be crying. I had a few different settings — crying in the bedroom, crying in the shower…crying because I’m not in the happiest place, and it hurts what I’m going through,” Ciara said.

She added that she had debated ending the relationship for a long time before actually going through with it.

“When I was thinking about my son, I know what I want to feel. I know the kind of love that I want for us. What I did was – [son] Future was like my teddy bear. So I was like, ‘We gon’ go. We ‘bout to do this thing together,’” she said.

Ciara continued, “I had to take a couple of times to figure it out, but my dad’s love is what saved me in all my situations, because it would get to a point where I was like, my dad wouldn’t do this to my mom. This can’t be love. I’ve always had the same goal of wanting to be loved a certain way, but I was just walking in the wrong direction.”

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