Denise Welch breaks silence after sparking backlash over face mask argument on Loose Women

Loose Women: Denise Welch goes on ‘rant’ about face masks

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Loose Women panellist Denise Welch has broken her silence after sparking backlash over a face mask debate on the popular ITV chat show today. The 63-year-old thanked her fans for their support before insisting that she “doesn’t care” that she’s hated by “mask zealots”, and adding that “no one will ever tell her who she can and can’t socialise with” again in spite of the government’s introduction of new measures.

I’m going to enjoy Christmas despite what they say because no one will ever tell me who I can and can’t socialise with

Denise Welch

In view of her 293,000 followers, the media personality addressed the debate earlier today alongside a smiley selfie.

Denise wrote: “Hi guys, just want to say thank you for your support today and thank you to @loosewomen for encouraging our right to have open debate.

“Everything I speak out on comes from my desire to help people who feel that life has become meaningless and that there is no hope.

“Imagine being in a tower block in a deprived area and being terrified that we may lockdown again??”

She went on: “With 3 kids, no outside space and an abusive partner??

“Over 50% of emergency calls in the north east are mental health crisis calls.

“So many of these problems are caused by govt advisors like b****y Sage and media who only care about Covid!!”

“Nothing else matters. No other illness is ever talked about,” she claimed.

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The star then claimed to have spoken to hospitals and insisted that staff are “not overwhelmed” by the virus.

Denise said: “[I] Spoke to 3 hospitals today. Big hospitals. They are not overwhelmed by Covid.

“They are overwhelmed by stress!!

“They can’t cope with the mental pressure of telling people they can’t visit, can’t travel with loved ones in ambulances, one sibling chosen over another to be with a dying relative.”


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Denise continued: “Often dying BECAUSE of Covid not from Covid.

“The mask zealots hate me. I don’t care!!” she went on.

Continuing her rant from earlier in the day, the ITV presenter said: “Why weren’t they all wearing masks last week? Why do they have to be told they have to wear them??

“Why have hospitalisation and deaths gone way down without them??

“No one answers they just call you names.

“A lot of people who are desperate for stricter measures in response to a variant we don’t even know about yet, are those who refuse to see that after 3 jabs, Covid in many cases and now masks that if that’s not enough to be able to live our lives again we never will.”

The star ended her post by saying that she was going to enjoy the festivities this year in whatever way she choses.

“I’m going to enjoy Christmas despite what they say because no one will ever tell me who I can and can’t socialise with ever again,” Denise signed off.

Earlier today, the star was branded “totally irresponsible” after launching into a rant over face masks and further COVID-19 restrictions while discussing the topic on Loose Women.

She fumed that she knows “important people” who have told her they challenged the “knee-jerk” reaction to the new Omicron variant. However, ITV viewers stormed Twitter to question Denise’s impassioned speech.

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