Did Janet Jackson Just Shade 50 Cent by Doing This?

Some people believe that the 53-year-old songstress is dissing the ‘Power’ star after watching a video of her performing at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

AceShowbizJanet Jackson might or might not throw shades towards 50 Cent after the rapper bad mouthed her late brother Michael Jackson. Some people were convinced that the 53-year-old songstress hit back at Fiddy when both of them were performing at RNB Fridays Live Tour at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend.

She shared on Instagram Stories footage of her performing at the event, and one video stood out the most than the rest. In it, Fiddy was seen smiling widely backstage as he watched Janet deliver a rendition of her collaboration with Michael, “Scream”. Considering all the things the “Power” said had said of the late King of Pop, it was surely a surprise to see him enjoying the performance. And this is what made people think her video was a shade aimed at Fiddy.

“So Janet’s Insta story had creep 5 cents tagged in where he’s been seen backstage grinning over Scream, an MJ song! Michael Jackson, whom he publicly denounced & expressed concerns over ‘little boys butts’ not long ago!” one said. “I take it as a subtle shade until proven otherwise.” Someone else, meanwhile, believed that the video was Janet’s way to show “how much of a clown he is.”

Another echoed the sentiment, “I’d definitely say it’s shade Janet isn’t stupid she’s a very intelligent women she knew 50 whoever he is disrespected Michael…trust me it’s shade!!” One other agreed, “Absolutely, subtle shade is the only way I will take it!” Another similarly said, “She’s shading 50 cent trust me Janet loves her brother to death!!!!”

Earlier this year, Fiddy made headlines after he said that Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson and brought up the child molestation allegations against the King of Pop. His comment made him get into an argument with Michael’s daughter, Paris Jackson, but Fiddy still stood by his comment. “I understand how you feel Paris, but does anyone care about how the little boys butts feels,” he said at the time.

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