Duchess Kate’s informal email sign-off is ‘C’ and sure, this is big news

In May, the Duchess of Cambridge announced a photography competition which anyone (in the UK) could join: portraits in lockdown, photos of how the pandemic was affecting everyday lives. The competition is called “Hold Still” and it is being done in conjunction with one of Kate’s patronages, the National Portrait Gallery. I think that the competition, like most things involving Kate, was just something that she got to put her name on and was largely organized by other people. Still, it was a good project and well done.

Apparently, they got thousands of submissions and now they’ve narrowed it down to the 100 final selections. To announce the final 100, Kate sent out an email and Kensington Palace posted this:

— The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) August 28, 2020

Everyone’s talking about Kate’s informal email signoff – just “C” for Catherine. I really wish they would stop trying to make “Catherine” a thing! No one is buying it and the only people who refer to her as Catherine are William and the Cambridges’ staff. But I’m just nitpicking, the truth is that I have nothing to say but… okay, Kate emails and she signs her emails with “C.” I’m shocked she doesn’t have an auto email-signature? HRH Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Anyway, the final 100 photos will be featured in a digital gallery for the National Portrait Gallery, and anyone can see them. I just looked on the NPG’s site and I guess they’re not up yet though. Hm.

Oh, and Kensington Palace did post this to their IG as well – a look at some of the Hold Still submissions and a date for when they’ll be online.

31,598 submissions! 📸 • There were 31,598 portraits submitted to #HoldStill2020 as you shared your stories and experiences of lockdown. Ahead of showcasing the final 100 images in a digital exhibition from Monday 14th September, The Duchess of Cambridge has selected some images as a sneak peek of those that have made the final selection. The photography project was focussed on three core themes – Helpers and Heroes, Your New Normal, and Acts of Kindness. A selection of the final 100 images will be shown in towns and cities across the UK later in the year.

PS… Yes, I totally went through the photo archives to find photos of Kate at the NPG over the years. My favorite was the time in 2013 when she flipped the bird to photographers!! My second favorite is the time in 2012, during the Olympics, when she stepped out wearing that necklace which looked like got a silver medal in waitying. Looking back at Kate-through-the-years has convinced me that she absolutely has a room dedicated to her wiglet storage.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN.

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