‘Dula Peep’ Is Trending After Dua Lipa Performance – Find Out Why!

Dua Lipa just scorched the stage at the 2021 Grammys – and a familiar nickname is now trending!

“Dula Peep” shot up on Twitter’s Trending Topics, and it all stems from a funny moment of Wendy Williams mispronouncing her name on The Wendy Williams Show over two years ago.

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“It’s kind of cute. It’s a full thing now, it’s a full thing. Yeah yeah, I mean my whole life I feel like my name has always been a little bit difficult to pronounce,” Dua once said of the nickname to Jimmy Fallon.

“I just didn’t appreciate my name as much growing up. Being born in London, having a full Albanian name like Dua, people pronouncing it wrong, I feel like I just wanted a normal name. It means love in Albanian. I just wanted a normal name when I was young.”

Watch Dua Lipa react to the name!

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