Emily Ratajkowski will reportedly divorce cheater Sebastian Bear-McClard

In 2018, Emily Ratajkowski married Sebastian Bear-McClard after they had only dated for about three weeks. They eloped at City Hall and everyone was like “girl, this is a bad idea.” Sebastian was messy right away and the vibe between them always seemed off. She waited a couple of years and then she got pregnant in 2020. They welcomed son Sylvester Apollo Bear in March 2021. Since she gave birth, the vibe has been… different. She still posts half-naked selfies and such, but now the only guy on her social is her son. If you told me that Sebastian and Emily had drifted apart significantly ever since their son was born, I would absolutely believe you. But that’s not the only rumor – sources tell Page Six that a divorce announcement will probably be made soon and that Sebastian has been cheating.

Rumors are swirling that Emily Ratajkowski and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, are separating after four years of marriage. The model, 31, was photographed without her wedding ring Thursday while stepping out for a walk with the couple’s 1-year-old son, Sylvester, in New York City. However, Bear-McClard, 41, was still wearing his ring Wednesday while out and about in the Big Apple.

Fuel was added to the fire when social media influencer and comedian Claudia Oshry, aka @girlwithnojob, said there has been chatter about the two calling it quits over Bear-McClard allegedly cheating on Ratajkowski.

“That’s kind of like what’s happening with Emily Ratajkowski,” Oshry, 28, said on Thursday’s episode of “The Morning Toast” podcast. “It’s, like, known that her husband has cheated on her and they’re filing for divorce, but literally, I went to make it an [Instagram] Story today, and it’s not been written up, so I’m like, how do I know this? Like, everyone just knows it.” She added, “When the inevitable Instagram post or PR statement comes out, we won’t be that surprised.”

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That was the first Page Six story on Friday, and then a few hours later, Page Six had this:

Emily Ratajkowski is planning to divorce her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, after he allegedly cheated on her, a source close to Ratajkowski confirms to Page Six exclusively.

“Yeah, he cheated,” the source claims. “He’s a serial cheater. It’s gross. He’s a dog.”

It doesn’t appear in the court system that the model has filed for divorce yet.

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I’ll say the same thing I said when she married Sebastian: I hope she protected her assets. While Emily isn’t crazy-rich, she’s a successful model, actress and celebrity/personality. She works, she makes enough to support herself and her child. My worry is that Sebastian is just the kind of guy who will try to grab her assets while hiding his own. I actually wish that we were finding out about this split because Emily had already filed for divorce? Like, surprise him with a restraining order on their joint assets or something. As for my general thoughts on the impending divorce… you live and you learn. Some of us just like sleazy douchebags and we have to unlearn that attraction the hard way. Poor Emily.

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