Everything to me Catherine Zeta-Jones shares youthful snap to celebrate sons birthday

Catherine Zeta-Jones celebrated her son on Instagram today

Catherine Zeta-Jones paid tribute to her first born child Dylan’s birthday in this set of touching snaps

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Catherine Zeta-Jones, 52, gave birth to son Dylan when she was 30 – and a series of snaps of herself with him as a baby and toddler captured the special moments they have shared as mother and son.

In one photo, Catherine threw her head back in youthful laughter while lying on the grass and stretching her arms up to lift her son skyward.

The brown-eyed beauty also pictured herself cuddling her son and interacting with him while his dad, Michael Douglas, looked on fondly.

The post was made in celebration of Dylan’s 22nd birthday.

“Zero to 22! You are everything to me and everything is you,” Catherine wrote in her joyous tribute.

“The joy you have brought to this world thus far, is immeasurable,” she continued, adding affectionately: “I love you more than words can say.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones and son Dylan as a toddler

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her son Dylan were captured on camera sharing a moment that was truly special

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas with Dylan

In this candid snap, Catherine Zeta-Jones is engaging with Dylan while Michael Douglas glances at him with a tender look in his eyes

Catherine Zeta-Jones with Dylan on his second birthday

Catherine Zeta-Jones helps an enthusiastic looking Dylan blow out the candles on his birthday cake as he turns age two

Catherine Zeta-Jones on holiday with son Dylan

Catherine Zeta-Jones might have always had an action-packed schedule as an actress but she attempted to spend as much quality time with her son as she could, as these joyful and carefree-looking snaps of him on a boat and in a garden suggest

Catherine Zeta-Jones with Dylan as a baby

Catherine Zeta-Jones smiles candidly at the camera, showing off her stunning brown eyes, while tiny baby Dylan is wrapped in towelling alongside her

Catherine Zeta-Jones and son Dylan in the present day

Catherine Zeta-Jones recently attended her son’s university graduation, marking how quickly 22 years seems to have drifted by

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