Gemma Collins falls off horse as she goes riding with fiancé and stepson

Gemma Collins fell off a horse during a recent riding session with fiancé Rami Hawash and her stepson, captured in footage uploaded to her Instagram on Sunday, 23 January.

The 40 year old is seen in the clip during a day out at the stables being led by an instructor whilst sitting confidently on top of a trotting horse.

Appearing to have her riding skills under control, at one point in the video the horse stumbles, causing Gemma to lose her balance and topple over, falling to the ground.

Luckily, the reality star wasn’t hurt and was able to get back up ready to continue on with her session – though not before she let her followers in on what had just happened.

“Guys, we're at the stables today – I've got Rami up on a horse," Gemma said in a video she posted on Sunday.

"I've just fallen off the horse – I've got the video footage – but I'm going to get back on, you know me.”

Posting the clip of the accident, the ex TOWIE star added: “I’m not giving up guys I know I will master this I can’t wait to continue with my lessons. It’s nice to have hobbies and again be out amongst nature.”

Gemma shared more photos of her day out with the horses on Instagram Stories, showing Rami’s young son Tristan at one point being fitted with his riding helmet whilst sat on top of a horse next to an instructor.

Her fiancé Rami was also pictured perched on a horse as the trio embarked on their fun riding experience together over the weekend.

Gemma has spoken about hoping to have her own child with partner Rami this year and that she plans to get married to him, once his divorce is settled.

The pair had previously split in 2014 before reuniting “out of nowhere” in the middle of the pandemic, taking their relationship to the next level with their second engagement.

“We’re so happy, I’ve got a little step son now and I’ve got a really good balance," the TV star told The Sun.

"It’s not all work, I’ve got a great personal life and please God, we go on to have a baby next year, when I’ve got some time – to do what you need to do to have a baby, because I’ve not had much time recently. Sorry, Ram!

"I feel like I’ve got my family now, my own family and we’re gonna be becoming a family.”

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