GMBs Ranvir Singh asks for advice as she suffers from most painful, stinging condition

GMB: Ranvir Singh suffering from hay fever concerning Richard

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Ranvir Singh, 44, has spoken up about a recently developing “stinging condition”, which has been bothering her. The presenter took to Twitter to request advice from fans. 

She explained that she could “barely keep (my) eyes open” as she spoke out about her worsening hay fever struggles.

The tweet was sent out in full view of Ranvir’s 108,400 followers. 

She quipped that if there was a vaccine for the condition, she would “sign up.”

The star wrote: “Anyone else got the worst most painful stinging hay-fever they’ve ever had? 

“I can barely keep my eyes open. 

“If there was a vaccine for this I’d sign up asap.”

Fans and friends of the GMB presenter were quick to jump on to the post to express their thoughts on the matter. 

@Cydneyyeates wrote: “You can get hayfever jabs which help to relieve symptoms. 

“Cost around £100 and would highly recommend!”

@Ladyofthemalp advised: “I used to get an annual jab each season. 

“Not sure if they still offer them as it’s a steroid. But it completely gets rid of all symptoms all season.

“I haven’t had hay fever for years now.”

@Lente25 commented: “I thought I had hayfever but turns out it’s Covid.”

@Dave_Hutch80 penned: “Yesterday I really struggled with it.

“Even in canary wharf. Which has no grass.”

@Ginosma suggested: “When I was in my 20’s I used to get an injection called “Pollenex” 3 injections 1 a week and they really helped.” 

This morning, Ranvir was presenting GMB as normal, alongside Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley, to share the latest headlines.

She was forced to leave half way through, however, after admitting she had woken up with swollen red eyes due to the hay fever.

Richard said during the show: “Hey, credit to you. You’ve got the worst hay fever I think I’ve ever seen.”

“I don’t know what’s going on. That’s why I look like this today,” Ranvir replied. 

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