'Intervention' Host Ken Seeley Explains Fentanyl Epidemic, Comedian Deaths

“Intervention” host Ken Seeley says fentanyl-laced drugs are contributing greatly to the epidemic of overdoses, and the recent deaths of 3 comedians prove dealers are playing a dangerous game.

The renowned addiction specialist told us on Tuesday’s “TMZ Live” … fentanyl played a huge role in the U.S. recording nearly 100k drug overdose deaths in 2020 alone.

Ken says fentanyl is a powerful drug that elicits a high so intense, users crave it. Essentially, he says dealers are using it to turn unwitting customers into full-blown addicts. Many users have no clue their drug of choice — be it cocaine or heroin — is laced with the fentanyl.

The problem is obvious … all too often, instead of getting hooked, users are overdosing and dying.

As we reported … comedian Fuquan Johnson was among 3 dead after an apparent overdose. Our sources say cocaine laced with fentanyl appears to be what they ingested.

Then there’s “The Wire” and “Boardwalk Empire” star Michael K. Williams, who died Monday after an apparent overdose. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ cops are trying to locate the drug dealer who supplied the narcotics found at the actor’s home.

Ken suggested a better path for users to ease their pain, instead of turning to dealers who prioritize their profits over human lives.

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