Jenelle Evans And David Eason Temporarily Lost Custody Of Their Kids

TMZ says that something that was bound to happen has happened. Jenelle Evans and David Eason of Teen Mom 2 have temporarily lost custody of their three children. I mean, this should have probably happened a while ago–like as soon as the kids came out the vagina–but I guess better late than never, right? It seems that viciously killing a dog in front of young children has consequences. Who’d of thought?

Jenelle and David have been getting bad news after bad news after bad news. And you’d almost feel bad for them except for the fact this is fully a situation of their own creation and it involves the manslaughter of a canine companion, so it actually just sounds like justice is being served.

After David killed Nugget because the dog nipped at the couples’ daughter, Ensley, they were reportedly put under CPS investigation. That turned into them getting some of the kids taken from their custody. And then CPS was like, “Wait, why aren’t we getting all of them kids?”, and they rounded up the rest of them.

TMZ says Jenelle and David then went to court to try to get their children back, but they’ve temporarily lost custody instead.

It took four days of testimony but the judge came to a decision and that was that there were “serious issues” with the couple that “put the children at risk.”  Ensley and her brother Jace are going to be staying with Jenelle’s mom, Barbara, and Kaiser will be staying with his dad, Nathan Griffith. Jenelle and David will only be allowed one supervised visit a week for an hour.

One source tells TMZ:

“It’s all David’s fault.”

But that person is wrong. Because yeah,  he killed the dog. You know what she did? Stayed with the psycho who killed the dog. This tango is for two hot garbage fires.

Another source says that the judge did say how the couple could get their kids back. They have to go to parenting classes, counseling, and do weekly drug testing. But if you ask their son Kaiser if he wants to go back, he’d probably run the other way like you when an episode of Teen Mom 2 comes on. Because a source says that Kaiser made it clear that he is “extremely fearful” of returning home, claiming that David mistreats him. That was revealed in court, and helped the judge make the decision that was made.

Oh, and if you want more evidence of how David definitely shouldn’t be around children, TMZ also has a video where he tells the person recording him (probably Jenelle):

“You could die right now for all I give a fuck. You’re a fucking piece of shit. You’re the biggest fucking piece of shit I know.”

Jenelle is continuing to live in dumbass psychoses as a source tells TMZ she was “stunned” by the ruling. She thought she would leave court with her kids. Those kids are better off being raised in the woods by the friendly-yet-possessive ghost of Nugget than they are with Jenelle. But I guess if Jenelle is serious and feels the need to scar those children further, she and David could always see if that possible stint on Marriage Boot Camp can double as court-mandated couples’ counseling?


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