Jenelle Evans: CPS Kidnapped My Children! David Was Right to Shoot Our Dog!

There have been many, many times in the past when we thought Jenelle Evans had finally gone off the deep end.

But with her latest YouTube video, Jenelle has left little doubt that she's reached the point of instability where she now represents a threat to herself and those around her.

Last month, Evans revealed that she joined QAnon, an organization for paranoid conspiracy theorists.

That same week, she began promising a series of videos in which she would "expose" her "enemies" — a group that includes MTV and Child Protective Services.

Now, the first installment in this series has been posted to Jenelle's YouTube page, and the contents of the video are deeply disturbing, to say the very least.

Take a look:

1.Jenelle vs. CPS

2.Getting Straight to the Point

3.A Talent for Propaganda

4.Presenting Her Case

5.A Side of Word Salad

6.You Just Said That

7.Bear In Mind, Jenelle Was the One Doing the Grading

8.A Shred of Truth

9.Like … Really?

10.Good Times

11.Better Days

12.A Daily Freakin' Fairytale

13.Poor Nugget

14.Savage Beast (With Dog)

15.Looking Guilty AF

16.What a Monster (Again, Not the Dog)


18.Damaged Goods

19.He's Not Even Good at Lying

20.The Waterworks

21.The Saga Continues

22.Get to the Point

23.Feeling Blue

24.Angry Evans

25.Ah, Yes … A Reliable Source

26.The Real Crisis

27.Out of Left Field

28.Yeah, No

29.Called Out

30.Her M.O.

31.Same Old Story

32.An Act of Desperation

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