Jenny Agutter: Star of BBC’s Call the Midwife on still being sexy at 66

And now, aged 66, she admits she is celebrating getting older. Agutter, who found fame as a girl in The Railway Children, said: “Sixty was such a defining line for me. It seems to put you in an older phase of your life. Then it happened and I thought, ‘Just forget it’. I’ve found a kind of freedom in my 60s. I feel liberated. I’ve started to forget about having to be a certain way, and I’m enjoying life instead.

“I’m getting on and doing the stuff I want to do.”

In a candid interview with Good Housekeeping, the actress was asked whether someone could still be sexy at any age.

She said: “Absolutely. Age expectations have certainly changed. When I was growing up there was a twinset and pearls age that you go to. Women hit middle age, cut their hair short and got their cardigans out.

“That’s just not the case any more. Look at someone like Tina Turner, who’s both extraordinarily attractive and an extremely sexy person.

“She has carried on being sexy right into her 70s. It’s about having a sort of naughtiness and an enjoyment of things.”

Of how her looks have changed with age, Agutter said: “I have lines, lots of them, but do you know what, I don’t mind. We should all enjoy every line we’ve got on our faces because we’ve earned each one.

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“The part that worries me is when your face starts to fall. I can see it starting to happen to mine, so I just try to work around it.

“The best bit about wearing a wimple for Call The Midwife is that you can just pull the strap round and tuck your face in it.”

However, she said unlike many in showbusiness, she had decided against going under the plastic surgeon’s knife for now.

She explained: “I’m too squeamish. You’ve no idea what’s going to happen while you’re under anaesthetic.

“If there was a new invention that guaranteed to keep your muscles doing what they should, that would be a different story… sign me up!” 

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