Jeremy Clarkson says mild problem on farm caused villagers to shake fists with fury

Jeremy Clarkson recalls ‘hilarious day’ on the farm

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On his journey to become a farmer and making his establishment commercially successful, petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has had many highs and lows. Highs in the sense he has won awards for highlighting the hard work and dedication within the agricultural industry through his series his Clarkson’s Farm, and the lows – contestant run-ins with the villagers of Chipping Norton.

We have the scenes outside my farm shop

Jeremy Clarkson

He’s not afraid to speak publicly about the tension bubbling away between Diddly Squat and his neighbours, and in his latest column for The Times he revealed that after another “mild problem” arose, his nemesis’ where left “shaking their fists with fury”.

Discussing issues from around the world, Jeremy was then distracted by ones much closer to home.

“We have the scenes outside my farm shop,” he shook his head.

“In the run-up to Christmas many people came from far and wide to buy honey and milk.

“This caused a mild parking problem, I admit, but there’s no such thing as mild any more.”

He added: “So the villagers shook their fists with fury, as though their dogs had been murdered and their houses burnt down.”

But he pointed out there are similar issues in every village across the country.

“Someone says their neighbour’s hedge is a bit too tall, and within a week they are in a wicker man and the village elders are dancing hysterically round the maypole, naked save for a layer of woad and goose fat,” he quipped.

Recently, the former Top Gear host faced more angry backlash from residents over his expansion ambitions.

More than 50 objections were raised with his local council after he had applied to build a new 70-space car park and 60-seat cafe on the site close to the village of Chadlington, Oxfordshire.

The 61-year-old star attended an in-person meeting of West Oxon District Council on 10 January to make a personal plea.

He told councillors: “We have been told as farmers to diversify ‑ that is exactly what this proposal is.”

A total of 53 objections were raised against 12 letters of support.

Seven out of 10 councillors refused his plans on the grounds the restaurant would be “out of keeping” with the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

After the meeting, Jeremy said it was a “very bad day for farming”.

His neighbour Hamish Dewar, had brought a legal challenge against the plans, stating that the area was in grave danger of becoming a “Jeremy Clarkson theme park”.

Clarkson’s Farm has brought countless visitors to the area, causing issues with traffic.

The Amazon Prime show featured shots of cars clogging up the narrow lane outside his farm shop.

He has also been served with a notice following complaints that the outlet had breached original planning conditions by selling out-of-town souvenirs.

It seems the quiet farming life Clarkson loved so much during lockdown is no more!

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