Joe Wicks rescued by hero stranger after getting stranded at sea: I’m going under!

Joe Wicks reveals jet board mishap on his birthday

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Joe Wicks, 36, has told his Instagram followers that he had been saved by a stranger after his electric surfboard broke, leaving him stranded. The accident took place when the fitness fanatic was in Lulworth, Dorset, with his wife to celebrate his 36th birthday.

And I said, no, help, help! SOS!

Joe Wicks

The Body Coach told his 4.1 million followers about his ordeal, with a gleaming smile on his face.

In the videos, he can be seen on a small powerboat with three other gentlemen who brought him to safety.

He said: “You ain’t gonna believe it.

“I’m out on my jetboard for my birthday, and it floods.”

Luckily a small powerboat was near and the people on board saw Joe struggling.

“I’m taking on water, I’m going under,” he exclaimed.

Joe waved at the gentleman for help, and they kindly waved back, however, this was not the response Joe wanted.

He said: “They were like hello, and waving back.

“And I said, no, help, help! SOS!”

The Body Coach added: “These guys called Clean Jurassic Coast are out here cleaning this beautiful coastline of all the rubbish and they picked me up!

“We made it, woo!”

Joe then spoke to the gentleman, Olly, who was driving the boat, and praised him for his heroic actions and charity work.


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“This guy swam around the Isle of Wight in 15 hours, to raise awareness for the planet.

“What a hero.”

Joe captioned the video praising Olly: “Thank you @_projectplanet_ my hero.”

The fitness guru’s wife, Rosie, had returned to shore to fetch a rescue boat.

However, when Joe arrived back at the shore, he was confused about what she was up to.

In a video Joe posted of himself returning to land, he said: “Rosie left me floating in the sea & went back to get a rescue boat… well at least I think she did.”

The Body Coach is admired around the UK for his work during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

He began “PE with Joe” on YouTube to try and keep children active, with the livestream hitting over one million views worldwide.

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