Kanye Finally Releases 'Donda' On Streaming Services, Kim Plugs It

12:29 PM PT — Ye just got a plug from none other than his estranged wife, Kim, with her posting screenshots of her seemingly listening to the new album herself … but she might’ve flubbed the presentation.

KK threw up a few screenshots of what appear to be her fave tracks from “Donda,” including the titular track, “Come to Life,” “Lord I Need You,” “Hurricane,” and “Ok Ok Pt 2.” The problem that people quickly noticed … she’s got the volume all the way down in four out of five of those screengrabs — which suggests she’s got ’em on mute, and isn’t really listening.

All the songs except for ‘CTL’ appear to be playing without any sound … which some find kinda hilarious.

Now, of course, Kim HAS listened to the music — she’s been to all the listening events, and probably knows the tracklist frontward and backward. As for why her volume is all the way down in most of these, though … who the heck knows?

In any case … more signs of a united front as these two continue to show flashes of a possible rekindling.

9:33 AM PT — “Donda” has been adjusted on streaming services to include DaBaby’s verse on a new track named “Jail, Pt. 2.”

Well, it finally happened … “Donda” is out!!!

Kanye finally released his long-awaited album … this, after multiple listening parties and would-be release dates that came and went.

The album, which has 26 songs, hit Apple Music and Spotify Sunday AM.

The release was not without drama … in the middle of the night, Kanye posted tweets which seemed to say the most recent hold-up was that DaBaby hadn’t signed the necessary releases to clear his verse for the song “Jail.” DaBaby is not on the track, instead, Jay-Z appears. You’ll recall, Jay recorded his verse hours before the first listening party in Atlanta … a sign their feud was squashed. It was confusing when DaBaby replaced Jay’s verse at the Chicago listening party, but Jay is now back.

The album was initially supposed to be released July 23. That date got moved to August 6. Then it became unclear exactly when the album would hit streaming services. Kanye’s manager promised it would be released following last Thursday’s listening event at Soldier Field in Chicago … and that promise was kept.

Ye famously tinkers with his albums even after their release … e.g., “The Life of Pablo,” so the same may happen with “Donda.”

As for the songs on the album, it’s heavily religious … “Donda Chant,” “Jail,” “God Breathed,” “Off the Grid,” “Hurricane,” “Praise God,” “Jonah,” “Ok Ok,” “Junya,” “Believe What I Say,” “24,” “Remote Control,” “Moon,” “Heaven and Hell,” “Donda,” “Keep My Spirit Alive,” “Jesus Lord,” “New Again,” “Tell the Vision,” “Lord I Need You,” “Pure Souls,” “Come to Life,” “No Child Left Behind,” “Ok Ok, Pt. 2,” “Junya, Pt. 2,” “Jesus Lord, Pt. 2.”

Here’s what’s interesting … Drake seemed to drop a clue last week his album will drop Friday … so with the release of “Donda,” Drake and Ye will be going head-to-head for #1 bragging rights.

And, the final mystery … Kim Kardashian. As you know, she wore a wedding dress at the Chicago listening party. TMZ broke the story, the divorce is not a done deal anymore. Kanye and Kim have been seeing each other privately, and they seem to be trying to work things out … whatever those things are.

Originally Published — 6:29 AM PT

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