Kate Ferdinand says stepson Tate worked out she was pregnant before they told anyone

Kate Ferdinand has revealed that her stepson worked out she was pregnant before she and Rio had even told family members.

The former The Only Way is Essex star, who recently revealed she is pregnant for the second time, was speaking on her podcast about her and husband Rio Ferdinand's exciting news.

She said: "We actually told the kids on Christmas Eve. We put it in their Christmas Eve boxes. Anyone who has got more than one child, and you tell them, 'Let's all do this at the same time, no one open the box before the other'… it's really hopeful to get them to do that at the same time."

Kate revealed that Lorenz, being the oldest sibling at 16, was the first to open the box and kept quiet until Tate, 14, and Tia, 11, found out, with Tia screaming when she realised the news.

She also joked that youngest son Cree, 2, didn't have a clue what was going on.

"We told them on Christmas because I love a little drink on Christmas with dinner and my clothes were getting tight. My body has stretched a little quicker this time.

"And actually, Tate sat us down at the dinner table about four weeks before, I think Rio was at the World Cup, and he said, 'I've got an announcement to make'. And he goes, 'I know you're pregnant'.

"I was flustered, and at this stage I still didn't want to tell him or any of the other kids just in case, so I said 'No, no you don't, you don't know I'm pregnant 'cos I'm not pregnant'.

"I feel like from that moment on he's been on me, and being pregnant with Cree versus teenage kids is so different. He doesn't have a clue what's going on, he can't tell if my belly's getting bigger or anything like that.

"Having teenagers and being pregnant, you can't really hide much from them, and they know the symptoms of the last pregnancy."

Kate also addressed fans' guesses that she was pregnant too, saying: "I think a lot of you knew because I've been getting a lot of messages saying 'definitely pregnant' and 'she's not going to the gym as much, and… you're right.

"But, you know, I didn't want to announce it too early, it's a bit of a worry with what happened last time with the miscarriage, and now we're going to have five children!

"Oh my god, seriously, when I say that out loud, that frightens me!"

In her mini podcast update, she also shared how she didn't feel like she was moaning as much during this pregnancy, partly in a conscious effort after her previous pregnancy resulted in a tragic miscarriage, saying she felt "so ungrateful".


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