Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell Celebrate One Year Together!!

Just a few months ago, Kathryn Dennis moved in with her boyfriend.

She and Chleb Ravenell began dating last summer, and things are clearly serious.

Never has that been more clear than now.

Kathryn and Chleb have celebrated their one-year anniversary and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Over the weekend, Kathryn Dennis took to Instagram to mark a special relationship milestone.

“12 months down,” she wrote on Saturday, July 24.

The photo showed the 29-year-old reality star alongside her handsome 32-year-old boyfriend.

The pair were photographed in a Charleston nightclub.

In accordance with gender expectations, Kathryn was dressed gloriously while Chleb was more lowkey in attire.

Honestly, nothing wrong with that except the discrepency. Nothing wrong with dressing up or being comfy.

Though they clearly began dating in July of last year, Kathryn and Chleb actually waited to go public.

Wisely, they did not become Instagram-official until October of that year.

Their relationships has included some substantial lows in Kathryn’s life.

Kathryn having a custody war with her ex, Thomas Ravenel, is nothing new.

They have clashed in family court before, accusing eachother of being unfit parents and drug-addled to boot.

But this time, things were different.

Kathryn has temporarily lost custody of her children.

Having limited, supervised visits with her two children must be unimaginably heartbreaking.

Kensie is 6 and Saint is 4. We’re sure that this is a massive adjustment for them, as well.

Kathryn had other difficulties as well.

She began dating Chleb only a couple of months after her racism scandal.

It may have been an accident … but the context does not really excuse her.

Word to the wise: don’t send a bunch of monkey emojis to mock a Black woman.

Even if Kathryn truly did not use emojis with the intention of using a racist symbol, she could have thought about it first.

The context — defending her friend for organizing a COVID-19 era Trump boat rally — only made things worse, not better.

Kathryn began dating Chleb in July of that year, keeping the relationship under wraps at first.

Notably, Chleb and her ex, Thomas, share a last name (with different spelling).

This is not a coincidence, in the worst way. One man’s ancestors owned the other’s.

Leva Bonaparte has the complicated role of being Southern Charm‘s first-ever castmate of color.

There is more to her, of course, as there is for anyone.

The previous all-white casting is an inexcusable oversight and now puts her in an uncomfortable position.

So, naturally, it fell to Leva to discuss the timing of Kathryn beginning to date Chleb.

She noted the importance of recognizing that dating, sleeping with, being friends with, or being related to Black men does not make Kathryn not racist.

Unfortunately, as we all know, many racists do all of those things, and then try to use those people of color as shields against accusations.

For the record, Kathryn said that she had begun hanging out with Chleb before they began officially dating.

She put the timeline as “before quarantine,” which does adjust how this looks, up to a point.

It is possible, even likely, that Kathryn dated Chleb for reasons of her own … even if the timing looks sus AF.

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