Katie Price slams ‘obscene’ two-year driving ban as she claims police ‘pull her over to be nosey’

Katie Price has dismissed her two-year driving ban as “obscene” and “b******s” during a video rant on her latest YouTube video.

The former glamour model, 41, was served the driving ban after earning an additional six penalty points on her driving licence for refusing to tell who was behind the wheel of her pink Range Rover when it crashed last year.

Katie ranted that she needed to drive as she lives "in the middle of nowhere” and for fulfilling her various family commitments.

She said: “I need to drive and I am going to appeal. I live in the middle of nowhere, I have a son with disabilities that might need to be rushed to hospital at certain times.

"My mum is terminally ill and I need to visit my mum. If they're banning me for two years how do I know my mum is going to be here in two years' time?

"It's obscene that the courts won't listen just because they banned me before three times, which was also unfair."

She went on to describe the ban as “b******s” and says a mix up of paperwork and sending it to the wrong address is to blame.

She said: “We proved I was out of the country but the judge wasn't even interested in adjourning it. Why? Because I believe they've got it in for me.

"Some people write to me but I don't even get it on time. It's got my name and my postcode – but the wrong house."

She added: "There needs to be something done about sending me stuff to the wrong address. They need to hear my story. It's a load of b******s.

"Get the right address and you might get me to open the post correctly. I don't deserve it."

In addition to Katie’s driving ban, she was given a £440 fine, a £44 surcharge and ordered to pay £100 in costs.

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Katie launched her YouTube account just weeks ago, and it has already earned over 50,000 subscribers.

She has shared with viewers many aspects of her personal life, including updates on her “mucky mansion.”

She claims she is renovating her mansion for a secret plan, and rubbished reports that she didn’t have planning permission to build a second home on her property.

Katie has also teased that she is training physically for a secret project which a source told The Sun Online is for Channel 4's reality show Celebrity SAS.

Her bankruptcy woes also continue to rumble on, as she is due to return to court next month to hear whether she will be made bankrupt.

She has repeatedly denied she is going bankrupt on her YouTube videos, and claims she is fine financially.

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