Khloe Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Accused Of Photoshopping New Pic For Makeup Collab

Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner didn’t receive the greatest response from some followers when they were deemed unrecognizable in a pic they posted of themselves promoting their new makeup collaboration.

Khloe Kardashian, 34, and Kylie Jenner, 21, are excited about the new round of their makeup collaboration for Kylie Cosmetics but not everyone is liking the promo for it. The sisters both posted a new pic they posed for as part of an ad for the makeup campaign on their Instagram pages and although it’s quite an eye-catching snapshot, some followers thought it looked massively photoshopped. In the pic, Khloe, who is sitting in front of Kylie, is wearing a white bodysuit while Kylie, who is sitting and leaning into the back of her big sister as her hand rests on her thigh, is wearing a matching bra and panties. Both ladies are flaunting blonde hair and makeup in pink and yellow tones as Kylie holds a square makeup case that reads, “KOKO BY KYLIE COSMETICS” on it. See the pic of Khloe and Kylie HERE.

“✨KOKO KOLLECTION ROUND 3 IS HERE! i love working with my sisters it’s the biggest blessing ever ever ever!!! 💛 we created something fun for you guys launching next Friday! June 14th come sooner! Check out my stories to see the first look! @kyliecosmetics,” Kylie captioned her post of the pic. It didn’t take long for Instagram users to point out their opinions about the pic. “Didn’t recognize Khloe… than realized Kylie doesn’t look right either?! 😂” one user wrote. “I would love to see unedited body photos for realistic body expectations,” another wrote. “Is this supposed to be Kylie and Khloe? They are beautiful enough. They don’t need to be this photo shopped,” a third commented. “What happened to your faces? Y’all have truly disappeared…so sad!” another follower wrote.

The latest pic for Khloe and Kylie’s KOKO Kollection is not the first time they’ve been accused of photo shopping their pics. In Mar. Khloe was also accused of editing her pics when she posted a photo of herself rocking a sequined skintight bodysuit and in May Kylie was also accused of editing her photo from the Met Gala.

Khloe and Kylie have yet to response to the latest photo shop accusations.

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