Kim Kardashian Hijacks Kylie Jenner’s Phone & Mocks Her ’10-Second’ Face Wash After Fan Backlash

Kim Kardashian had a little too much fun in the Kylie Skin headquarters. She hopped onto the CEO’s phone and teased that Kylie Jenner’s face wash is the ‘fountain of youth,’ after only applying it for ‘three seconds.’

Kim Kardashian, 38, is having fun with the backlash against Kylie Jenner’s 10-second face wash tutorial — much to her sister’s annoyance. Kim stepped into the Kylie Skin showroom offices on May 31, ready to prove that you really can get Jenner-esque skin in under 10 seconds. But before she unleashed the sarcasm, Kim appeared to defend her little sister! “Okay guys, it’s Kylie. Just kidding…it’s Kim,” the KKW Beauty owner said on Snapchat, explaining that she “hijacked” Kylie’s phone. Walking among Kylie’s pink products, she added, “Let me teach you guys on how to do a tutorial on how to wash your face. What do you want me to do in only 10 seconds? I’m going to do the exact same thing — should I pick every single product? Because you know it’s sold out. So guys, what is the big deal here, with the 10 second video? That’s all she’s got.”

In the next video, Kim popped on the baby filter as evidence of her incredible transformation, via Kylie’s $24 face wash. “Alright, so after that 10-second face wash tutorial, this is now what I look like,” a literal baby-faced Kim said on Snapchat. She kept the rave review going: “I have SUCH a youthful complexion now. Kylie Skin is the fountain of YOUTH, people. All you need is three seconds, I didn’t even need a full 10 seconds.” Kylie finally interjected here, yelling, “You’re an a**hole!” But Kim didn’t stop her roll of savageness. “I now look, like a baby. I looovee this Kylie Skin.”

And Kim was still not done. She then acknowledged Twitter’s other complaint, after fans pointed out that there was still foundation on Kylie’s face towel in the tutorial. “Actually, you know what the main point she left out was? She left out that you use these wipes, first, before you get out the foundation –” and here, the video cuts out with Kylie screaming. Ah, sibling/cosmetic mogul rivalry at its best.

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Despite Kim’s friendly mockery, Twitter users were much more harsh after watching Kylie’s tutorial on May 29. “You washed your face for 2 seconds. You’re using a filter. You still had makeup come off on the damn towel. LEARN HOW TO WASH YOUR FACE. God damn. How hard is this? Basic hygiene y’all 🤦🏻‍♀️,” one such fan tweeted, tagging the Kylie Skin owner, while another fan similarly wrote, “You washed your face for 2 seconds and let’s act like we didn’t notice all of the foundation that was transferred to the towel at the end. 😭🤣🤣 thank you for showing me what NOT to do.” To be fair, the limit on an Instagram Story video is 10 seconds.

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