Kylie Minogue says boyfriend charmed her grandmother by speaking Welsh

Kylie Minogue says she IS lucky in love as she recalls how her new boyfriend from Caerphilly charmed her 100-year-old grandmother by speaking Welsh

Kylie Minogue has ‘lucked out’ with her new boyfriend – who has even won over the pop star’s grandmother with a few phrases of Welsh.

In an interview with today’s You magazine, the 52-year-old reveals how she initially refused to meet Paul Solomons and their first date happened only because of a very persistent mutual friend.

‘One day, we went to the bar and my friend said, “Right, I’m calling him now,” she recalls. 

Pop star Kylie Minogue said she ‘lucked out’ with her new boyfriend Paul Solomons, 45, who is creative director at GQ magazine, and they have been together since 2018

‘Two minutes later, Paul was on his way. I wasn’t looking glamorous; I was in a T-shirt and denims. He came and we talked, drank wine, laughed and got on. What I wanted was a good guy and he was a good guy. We swapped numbers, went on a date. And that was it.’

Despite a string of relationships with famous suitors – including INXS singer Michael Hutchence and French actor Olivier Martinez – Ms Minogue has never married but admits she was still looking for Mr Right. 

‘I understand why women start feeling that they’re done with men, especially once you’ve got older, you have kids and life is busy,’ she says. 

‘You can’t be bothered to go chasing. But I never quite got to that stage. And then, I lucked out.’

She and Mr Solomons, 45, who is creative director at GQ magazine, have been together since 2018.

Last year, they flew to Australia to meet her family, including her 100-year-old grandmother Millicent Jones, who emigrated from the Welsh town of Maesteg in the 1950s. 

Recalling recently how Mr Solomons, who is originally from Caerphilly in South Wales, won over her grandmother, the pop star – whose new album Disco was released earlier this month – said: ‘You could see her face light up when he spoke Welsh to her.’ 

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