Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas To Help Turn You Into Mother Monster

So many Gagas, so little time. It feels like the whole world is desperate for a night off, and Halloween is the perfect time to take it. Lean in. Go crazy. If there’s one night when we can be anyone we want to be, do anything (within reason) we want to do, and eat trash candy until we puke, the time is now. And boy, do I have the perfect costume ideas for you. I highly recommend any one of the following Lady Gaga halloween costumes to embrace your inner Mother Monster, and give a big old "F U!" to The Man and The System and The Patriarchy.

Why Lady Gaga? Oh, gee. I don’t know. Maybe because she is, like, the queen of costumes in the first place? Maybe because everyone will know "what you’re supposed to be" and that’s rule number one for a great costume? Maybe because secretly you’ve always wondered what you would look like rocking tattoos, underboob, or raw meat as clothing?

Any and/or all of the above work for me, and I’ve got your back.

I did a little walk down memory lane, perusing some of Gaga’s best and most memorable ensembles, and put together a little list of ways you can replicate her look this Halloween.

Here are seven Lady Gaga costumes to help you actually rock this year.

1. The Egg

You know it, you love it. It’s Lady Gaga’s egg. She sported this "look" at the 2011 Grammys, and you can too!

Nude Bodysuit, $34, Amazon

Here’s my cheapest solution to making your very own womb. Just grab a sheer, plastic garbage bag and fill that sh*t up with weird, grey/green paper, plastic wrap, WHATEVER. Pop it over a nude bodysuit, and have strong, half-naked men carry you around all night.

Boom. Gaga egg.

(I know. You gotta use your imagination for this one.)

2. The Meat Dress

Ah, a Gaga classic.

Meat Mini Dress, $70, Rageon

Lady Gaga stepped onto the red carpet at the 2010 MTV Music and Video Awards in real meat. I know, I can’t. But if you can and want to for Halloween, here’s how to do it.

DON’T go to the butcher and get real meat. That has disaster and Salmonella written all over it.

DO just order this replica meat mini-dress online.

3. The Super Bowl Suit

Long Sleeved Sparkle Leotard, $50, Dance Wear Solutions | Glitter Boots, $62, Dolls Kill

A new favorite. Lady Gaga wore this sparkly, heavy, shoulder-pad ensemble to fly through the air and kick serious butt in the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show.

For Halloween, you can pick up a long-sleeved sparkle leotard like this one, and don’t forget to pad those shoulders, baby. Pair the look with some silver boots and blue and red rhinestones to frame your face and eyes.

Finish with slicked back hair.

4. The Red Lace Face Thing

Red Lace Dress Costume, $34, Jet

This was weird, but memorable nonetheless. In 2009, Gaga stepped out in a red lace dress, red lace crown, and a red lace face mask.

Luckily, for as complicated as this one looks, there is a straight-up costume replica you can purchase for $34.

5. The Paparazzi Music Video Murder Look

Black Lipstick, $26, Sephora | Round Black Glasses, $8, Amazon

Wow, wow, wow… did this music video change my life. At the end of the video, Gaga ends up poisoning her boyfriend while looking like a damn goddess out of my weirdest dreams.

She is wearing a short, blonde, bob wig and did some serious fancy work with black lipstick. You can also pick up a pair of round, black sunglasses to tie it together.

6. The Bad Romance Bathtub Creature

My dream is to have pink colored hair and eyeballs as big as hockey pucks.

Pink Curly Wig, $41, Amazon

Fortunately, there are a ton of Youtube videos out there that can teach you how to make this crazy fishbowl effect on your eyes using just makeup. Snag a pink, curly wig and feel free to really mess it up!

Then, just hang out in your bathtub all night.

7. ‘Five Foot Two’ Gaga

Hi, yes, hello. Have you guys seen this documentary yet? In Gaga’s Netflix documentary Five Foot Two, the world is introduced to a much more low-key version of Mother Monster.

Black Jeans, $20, H&M | Black T-Shirt, $17, ASOS

In the doc, Gaga tells her fashion team that she wants to sport a uniform of black jeans and black t-shirts moving forward, and to take a break from "high fashion." Easy enough for Halloween, and her gift to you!

To be honest, you can Google search "Lady Gaga" and pick any one of her crazy ensembles. It just depends on how much money, commitment, and DIY arts and craft hours you want to dedicate to becoming the ultimate Mother Monster.

Happy Gaga-ween!

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