Lindsay Lohan Encourages Fan to Come Out to Her Parents in Viral TikTok

Lindsay Lohan is offering her support to a fan!

In a video posted on Sunday (January 24), TikTok user Alana shared that she had reached out to Lindsay for help in coming out to her parents.

Alana said, “I asked Lindsay Lohan to come out to my parents for me in a Cameo and she did make the video. It’s not what I expected at all.”

“Hi Alana, it’s Lindsay Lohan,” Lindsay said in the Cameo. “I know that you are about to take a very big step in telling your parents who you truly are and what you want them to accept of you and I think you should do it yourself.”

The Mean Girls actress continued, “I think that coming from you, you’ll feel a lot of power and strength and it’s important that you are who you truly are and that you love yourself and that you can live by that and tell your parents that. I promise you they will understand.”

Lindsay closed by adding, “All the love in the world and strength and support. God bless you. Stay true to yourself. You’re truly beautiful and godspeed.”

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