Louise Minchin says injury is taking ‘longer than hoped to heal in difficult update

Louise Minchin talks about recovering from her foot injury

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Former BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin underwent a foot operation in December last year after sustaining an injury during a triathlon in 2019. And now, the TV star has admitted that her recovery has taken much longer than she had anticipated.

At the time, Louise said that she would have to go back to basics and learn to run again after resting her foot in order to let it heal.

Nine months later, the BBC star is running again, but taking things at a slower pace.

Last night she gave fans an update on her training ahead of the London Marathon taking place at the weekend.

Louise, who left BBC Breakfast last month, said it had been a “difficult” journey.

“I can’t believe it’s nearly a year since I did my last marathon and since then I’ve had a foot operation,” she informed fans via Instagram.

“And to be honest with you it’s taken me way longer than I’d hoped to get back to running any kind of distance,” she went on to add.

Louise explained that she was using a digital watch, which is helping her to train and get her strength back.

The 53-year-old presenter admitted that she can just about run 5k at the moment, but has been free swimming in the meantime.

In a post on her grid yesterday, she told her 87,700 followers: “I am just about back to 5k and hoping to head to 10k and then fingers crossed beyond.

“Coming back from an injury or just starting at all is difficult, but I find knowing how long or far I have run hugely encouraging and LOVE that my watch tells me how long I need to recover!

“I love the way that running gives me an excuse to be outside and think,” she continued, adding the hashtag: “#getoutside”.

Many took to the comments section of her post to congratulate the star on her recovery and to thank her for inspiring them to get out and run.

Instagram user vic_5960 wrote: “You’ve done amazing Louise it takes time but you’ve got patience and determination. I’ve had both my ankles fused. I know what you’ve been through, though I’m not able to run . So pleased you are getting back to your target distance.”

“Brilliant Louise. Well done on the rehab. Get yourself to a parkrun for coffee and cake,”user d3an074 added.

A third person, using the handle steviebrighton1, shared their own experience: “Broke my foot running in December which is now perfectly fine. I’ve struggled with motivation since then. I have a place in the London marathon next year for my 60th. Your post has given me the boost to get going again. Thank you.”

While getting her running back on track, Louise has also been swimming in the great outdoors.

She headed to the Snowdonia National Park at the weekend to complete a 13k swim in the sea.

“I never imagined I could swim 13k, I can’t even run that right now but I did it!” she proudly announced online.

Louise also shared a picture from the event, which captured her on the beach in her wetsuit.

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