Madonna, Katy Perry and Angelina Jolie are secret lizards, wild theory claims

We are not alone, and the infiltrators of human-kind may be closer to us than anyone realised according to the latest conspiracy theory.

As the international legend goes, Lizard People from the constellation Draco have been visiting earth since ancient times.

In a rather scary visual, the lizards are said to be extremely tall and have retractable wings and can also come from other constellations, including Sirius and Orion.

And they've apparently been breeding with humans, meaning that half-human, half-lizards are living among us.

Conspiracy theorists believe some of history's biggest names were actually shape-shifting reptiles, including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

And on the showbiz scene, Madonna, Katy Perry and Angelina Jolie are are all said to be secret lizard folk.

So what do they want and how can you spot one?

World domination is the goal, and there's a list of things you can look out for, claim believers.

Green eyes, good eyesight and hearing, red hair, scars, low blood pressure , a love of space and a sense of not belonging to the human race are all said to be dead giveaways.

Also watch out for a smile that shows the bottom teeth, eyes that change size or have large pupils, and a general lizardy-vibe.

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