Maitland Ward Sued By Actress, Videographer For More Than $270k

5:01 PM PT — Maitland tells TMZ … “The fact that these long time friends have gotten together after so many months to sue me is complete slander and immoral. There are zero contracts and agreements that have any info pertaining to this completely made up story.”

She says the lawsuit is “a joke and warning to all porn stars to be careful who you shoot with on the outside.”

Maitland Ward‘s encounter with an actress is coming back to bite her in the butt … because she’s being sued over the filming of those steamy scenes.

A reality TV and adult entertainment actress, along with a videographer/editor, are suing the former “Boy Meets World” actress turned porn star claiming she screwed them out of more than $270,000 they claim they rightfully earned.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the actress and videographer claim they started working together in July 2017, and all went fine and dandy. So good, in fact, Maitland allegedly started hooking up with the actress off-screen. But, according to the lawsuit, that relationship went south … and so did a deal they say they cut with Maitland around September 2018 that was supposed to land them a hefty payday.

In docs, the actress and videographer claim Ward and her lawyer got a hold of the money they were all supposed to split, but instead of getting paid they got strung along with bad checks and broken promises. The actress and videographer are now suing for the money they claim they’re owed — $180K for the actress and $90K for the videographer — plus other damages.

We’ve reached out to Maitland, so far no word back.

Originally Published — 4:42 PM PT

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