Mama June's BF Geno Doak Enters Rehab in South Carolina

Mama June‘s estranged BF appears to finally be getting the help he needs … ’cause we’ve learned he’s checked into rehab.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Geno Doak was hospitalized in Fort Pierce, Florida earlier this month. It’s unclear why he landed in the hospital, but we do know doctors there referred him to a recovery center in South Carolina, and he checked into that facility on Monday.

In the docs, the director of the center says Geno will be a resident in the long-term intensive program and be required to make a minimum of a 120-day commitment. But, he also has the option to stay for up to a year if necessary.

The program is designed to help individuals develop their capacity for a healthy transition to sober living … and all residents are required to eventually seek employment and are encouraged to assume responsibility of themselves and their recovery.

The documents were filed to loop in the judge from Geno’s crack cocaine case. As we reported … Mama June and Geno were both busted outside an Alabama gas station back in March 2019 and charged with felony drug possession.

While their relationship status had remained unclear for months, it was back in August when June announced Geno was no longer a part of her life, so many fans assumed they split.

Geno was sentenced to 16 months in Macon County Community Corrections. He wasn’t going to physically be behind bars, but had to follow a set of rules.

For instance, he was supposed to relocate from Florida to Alabama within 30 to 45 days of his July sentencing date … but he failed to do so.

Now the court knows he’ll be in treatment in South Carolina for at least the next 4 months. At least that’s the plan.

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