Martin Lewis scolds fan after error leaves expert mortified: ‘Get back in your box!’

Martin Lewis joins This Morning after initial camera problems

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Martin Lewis, 49, was left mortified by a fan after they revealed they thought he was 50 years old already. It was a close one, but with just a year off the milestone, Martin was keen to make a point of it as he jokingly told them off for their error.

Get back in your box!

Martin Lewis

After taking to Twitter to announce his latest achievement away from work, Martin was feeling on top of the world until he was brought back down to earth with a bang.

“Just to put a marker down & cos I’m chuffed and Mrs MSE doesn’t get it!” he began.

“Broke my bench press record yesterday now at 93.5Kg in a single lift (3 x 90kg just before).

He added a quick note about his future goals: “My aim is to get to 100Kg before I turn 50.”

While many were amazed with his new record and applauded him for beating his previous one, one fan had another point to make.

“I thought you were already 50,” they wrote, confused.

Martin was shocked as he replied: “Get back in your box!”

Elsewhere, away from his success in the gym, the Money Saving Expert called out the Government for failing to act on fraud via advertising, emails or cloned websites, after his face was used by fraudsters to promote several online scams, which many people have fallen victim to.

Natwest recently released a report claiming one of its customers lost £220,000 after they fell victim to a scam which looked as though it was endorsed by the finance expert.

He told The Telegraph: ”Richard Branson and I are the most scammed faces in the country.

“I just wish there was a third person on that list: Boris Johnson.

“If his reputation was being destroyed and his face being used by thieves to rob vulnerable people, it would be in the Online Safety Bill.

The Government’s Online Safety Bill was announced last month after two years in the making.

It vowed to look into a variety of content, including grooming, revenge porn, hate speech and images of child abuse.

Later additions to the bill included provisions to tackle online scams, such as fake investment opportunities.

However, this will not include fraud via advertising, emails or cloned websites, according to the BBC.

Martin continued: “Thieves pay the biggest technology companies in the world to promote their scams and steal money.

“But scams are an unpunished crime – the police are totally under-resourced.”

He added waiting another two or so years for the next consultation will be “too little too late”. has contacted a Government representative for comment.

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