Model Slick Woods Ambivalent on Victoria's Secret Scrapping Angels

Victoria’s Secret is doing both a good thing and kind of a dumb thing by replacing their “Angels” with strong female ambassadors … so says noted Fenty model Slick Woods.

We got Slick — who’s famous for her preggo catwalk in 2018, and giving birth shortly thereafter — out and about Friday night near Hyde in WeHo … this during an UOMA Beauty event by Sharon Chuter. Good setting to talk fashion and sex appeal, no doubt.

Of course, our cam guy had to bring up VS’s decision to rebrand themselves with new spokeswomen — including Megan Rapinoe and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, among others — while also doing away with their winged models, seemingly for good. Slick’s take is … interesting.

Check out her answer for yourself — at first, she seems to be against the move … wisely noting that, despite all the progress we’ve made as a society, sex sells at the end of the day.

BTW, that’s not necessarily a bad thing either … according to Slick, anyway. She says if you use that primal truth for good causes — like what Victoria’s Secret appears to want going forward — then it’s simply a means to an end. She’s got a great example about getting people’s attention.

We’re not trying to put words in SW’s mouth, but she *seems* to be saying what VS is doing with this new crop of women might not be the most effective way to get asses in seats for their goals big picture, in a manner of speaking. Then comes the curveball.

When we reiterate what exactly is going on with the new campaign, Slick appears to switch up on us … saying yeah, the “Angels” thing is low-key demeaning. Sit on a fence much?!?

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