Morgan Wallen Officially Releases ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’

Morgan Wallen officially released his highly anticipated double album Dangerous on Friday, January 8.

The country star wrote some of the songs during the quarantine with his friends.

Speaking to People ahead of the album’s release, Wallen said, “Spotify has supported me and my music since day one, so I knew I wanted to partner with them and do something extra special around this new project for my fans.”

Wallen explained that he waited until the New Year to release Dangerous: The Double Album because “I didn’t want anything else of mine associated with the year 2020.”

The country star had taken exception to Walmart leaking the album a week ahead of its original release date.

Wallen said he doesn’t shop at the retail giant’s stores but plans to give rival Target two extra songs. The two bonus tracks are “This Side of a Dust Cloud” and “Bandaid on a Bullet Hole.”

(Photo: John Shearer)

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