Naga Munchetty: BBC Breakfast star clarifies why item on show is missing ‘Too awkward’

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Naga Munchetty, 45, addressed why she no longer wears her glasses on-air after a fan spotted the presenter hadn’t been sporting them on BBC Breakfast for quite some time. Opting for contact lenses nowadays, Naga revealed exactly why her colourful sets of specs weren’t making their usual TV debut, and there is a very detailed reason behind it.

Too awkward to do with glasses on

Naga Munchetty

Taking to Twitter, a fan revealed that Naga’s bold glasses inspired his own daughter to wear hers.

“@TVNaga01 my daughter asked me this morning why you don’t wear your glasses any more?” the viewer wondered.

“Seeing you in yours made her feel cool when she first started having to wear them so she misses seeing them now!”

Touched by the sweet message, Naga quickly clarified that it was nothing to do with the fact that she’s gone off her own specs.

Responding to the fan with a detailed account, she began: “Here is why: I LOVE my glasses. I have several pairs.

“We have to do our own make-up now because of covid-19, so I need to put my contact lenses in to make sure I do an OK job.

“Too awkward to do with glasses on.”

Adding a little inspiration to the end of her reply, she added: “I wear ’em proud outside work when I rarely wear make up.”

The user was grateful for the explanation, and replied: “I will tell her you’re still a proud specs wearer and that she’ll see you in them soon!”

BBC viewers have often seen Naga appear on-air wearing various trendy styles of glasses, but one colourful choice really imprinted on them.

She once donned a pair of bottle green oversized specs, which framed the host’s slight face dramatically with the vintage rectangular shape making the choice even more unusual.

The bold option received a mixed reaction from fans, some of who praised her unique style.

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One gushed: “Good morning @BBCNaga I like your glasses! @BBCBreakfast.”

“@BBCNaga Love your new glasses,” a second enthused, followed by: “@BBCNaga Amazing glasses today!!”

Fans of the fashion and sight accessory continued to post, with one viewer sharing: “@BBCNagaBBCN awesome glasses, I want a pair.

Others weren’t so taken with the statement eyewear, as they caused a bit of a “distraction”.

One person snapped: “Naga’s specs are doing my head in this morning. #BBCBreakfast.”

“I knew I’d seen Naga’s glasses before. Turns out it was on John Mahoney in Frasier. #bbcbreakfast @BBCBreakfast,” another compared.

A third joked: “@BBCBreakfast Naga resembling Brains from Thunderbirds. WTF are those specs like? #bbcbreakfast #bbc #thunderbirdsarego #specsavers.”

Not to worry, the BBC host’s style has been something of a talking point online for a long while, as eager fans try to track down her unique outfits to get their hands on her signature style.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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