Oh Rudy! Giuliani Leaves Voice Mail for Wrong Senator – Begs for Delay to Biden Certification


Rudy Giuliani has a long, documented history of extremely embarrassing technological fails, particular those involving his cell phone.
And on Wednesday night he squeezed in another one related to his boss Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election that is no less hilariously embarrassing despite also being very unsettling.

Rudy, it seemed, tried to call one of Trump’s senatorial allies to beg for more help pulling off what amounts to coup, except whoopsie, he called the wrong senator, who promptly leaked the excruciating voicemail to The Dispatch. More on that momentarily, but you can listen to the full audio above right now.

So, unless you’re just waking up from a three-month nap, you know of course that Donald Trump has spent the time since he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden attempting to overturn it through baseless claims and outright lies about voter fraud. That effort culminated Wednesday in a shocking outbreak of violence in Washington, D.C., literally incited by Trump himself: While congress was supposed to be certifying Biden’s election, Trump supporters rioted and then occupied the capitol building. All members of congress were forced to evacuate.

Inside they vandalized and stole property and law enforcement even discovered more than one explosive device. And later, Trump released a video ostensibly telling them to stand down that still spread outright lies about the election and also praised the people committing the violence.

Rioters occupied the capitol until around 5:00 p.m. ET before clearing out. And Congress reconvened around 8:00 to begin the certification process again. And an hour before that, Giuliani attempted to call Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, only he dialed the wrong guy who, as we said, leaked it to The Dispatch.

Listen above.

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