Pamela Anderson Has No Ghostwriter for Memoir as She Tells All About Her Imperfect, Messy Life

The ‘Baywatch’ actress claims she has no co-writer when she pens an ‘unpolished’ account of her ‘imperfect’ and ‘messy’ life from childhood to her time in Hollywood.

AceShowbizPamela Anderson describes her upcoming autobiography as an “unpolished” account of her “messy life.” Claiming she had no ghost-writer for the memoir, the “Baywatch” actress, 55, used the tome to try and repaint key scenes from her past from her youth – which she called “painful” – to her time at the Playboy Mansion.

While making the remarks, the star shared an image of the cover of her life story, “Love, Pamela“, which showed her face in black and white. “My Book ‘Love, Pamela’ is Now Available for Pre-Order (Link in Bio),” she said on her Instagram on Wednesday, October 5 about the tome, due for release by HarperCollins and Dey Street Books on January 31, 2023.

“It feels like some kind of miracle – to be retracing the painful steps of my youth. I repainted scenes in detail if it were my childhood or at the Playboy Mansion. Just one girl’s messy life. A celebration – of imperfections. The book is a unpolished attempt. I had no co-writer. My life – as a mother, as an activist, and as an actress. I am so proud of this book.”

She signed the message off “XO Pamela” while an official blurb for the book said, “With vivid prose interspersed with bursts of original poetry, Love, Pamela is an empowering, heartrending and intimate memoir.”

Pamela has been back in the headlines since she was played by Lily James, 33, in Hulu series “Pam & Tommy“, which chronicled Pamela’s stormy relationship with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, 59, who was played by Sebastian Stan.

“Pam and Tommy” centres around the sex tape scandal that engulfed Pamela and Tommy, which consisted of footage stolen by Rand Gauthier – played by Seth Rogen, 40, in the show – after Tommy apparently refused to pay for work that he had done on their house.

Pamela has claimed the video wasn’t a sex tape, but a compilation of footage of her and Tommy on holiday, which also included sex acts.

Mum-of-two Pamela is also to be the subject of a Netflix documentary about her journey from an ordinary girl to global pin-up, which will be produced by her son Brandon. Netflix said, “The film, which has been in the making for several years, will feature the pop culture icon setting the record straight as she looks back on her professional path and her personal journey.”

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