People: Brad Pitt & Nico Mary’s relationship ‘is still in the early stages’

I’m still predicting that, within the next few days, the narrative about Brad Pitt and Nico Mary will shift. They’re going to start saying that it’s just a loose romance, nothing serious, and that Brad barely knows her. They’ll do that because this whole Girlfriend Rollout has blown up in Brad’s face and he looks kind of pathetic and sleazy. But until Brad’s crisis managers figure it out, we’re still getting bits and pieces from the rollout. Like People Magazine’s “exclusive” about how Brad really did meet Nico in Berlin, likely at her husband’s restaurant. They were “flirty.” Sigh…

It appears the relationship between Brad Pitt, 56, and German model Nicole Poturalski, 27, is heating up as the two recently enjoyed a romantic getaway in the south of France. But a source says the new couple have actually known each other for at least a year and were first spotted together at a party after the August 2019 Berlin premiere of his movie Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. Pitt would later go on to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2020 for his role in the Quentin Tarantino film.

“They were very flirty,” says a witness about the couple’s initial meeting.

Since then, a source says, they have met up a handful of times in L.A. and France. They were first photographed chatting and laughing together in a VIP box at the Hollywood Bowl during a Kanye West concert in November. For their latest rendezvous, Pitt brought Poturalski to Château Miraval, the French estate and vineyard he and Jolie bought in 2011.

“They are spending some time together on vacation and are enjoying each other’s company while traveling,” says a source. And while the relationship is still in the early stages, Pitt appears to be enjoying his time with Poturalski.

“She has spunk and is smart,” says an industry insider. “She’s a hoot. Very light and funny. If she is dating Brad Pitt, he’s getting a good girl.”

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“She has spunk and is smart,” says a person being paid by Brad’s team. “She’s a hoot,” says someone who has never met her. I mean, clearly, Brad barely knows her. Clearly, she was not properly vetted! So there’s already some slow walking-back of the rollout. Now it’s “the relationship is still in the early stages” and “they have met up a handful of times in L.A. and France.” They haven’t been dating this whole time. They’ve hooked up here and there and Brad decided to put a bow on it and here we are.

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