People: The Waleses will remain in Windsor as they embrace a heavier work load

The New Royal Era involves two 40-year-olds, a collection of shiny buttons, a closet full of hair pieces and very little work. It’s kind of embarrassing for Prince William and Kate that People Magazine uses the sub-headline “William & Kate Step Up.” They’re literally 40 years old, and the media still treats them like they’re fresh out of college and starting a new job. Anyway, as you can see, the new Prince and Princess of Wales cover this week’s issue of People Magazine. Per usual, People Mag fears that W&K don’t sell well, so there’s a second cover this week featuring an interview with Christopher Meloni. LOL. Some highlights from this cover story:

Moving into Adelaide Cottage: The children are settling into a new school, Lambrook, where they began classes on the day the Queen died. A source close to the family acknowledges it has been a stressful time, especially for Princess Kate. “Things were very tense that week; it was not exactly the settling-in period they had hoped for,” the source tells PEOPLE.

The Drab Four portrait: “That was a very important image of what the modern monarchy and reign of King Charles will look like,” says Katie Nicholl, author of The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown. “They represent the future House of Windsor.”

A heavier workload, lol: As William and Kate embrace a heavier royal workload and the increased visibility that comes with it, they look forward to providing continued stability for their children at their new home in Windsor. In Windsor, the family relishes the open parkland and countryside where Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis can freely play. “They love that the kids can go out on their bikes and cycle around the estate, and they are all really excited to meet everyone,” says a friend. “It’s a real little community.”

Nanny Maria’s separate quarters: For the first time, nanny Maria Turrion Borrallo is living separately from the family. Princess Kate wants her children to have as normal an upbringing as possible under their unique circumstances and is so far bucking royal tradition by keeping George at home rather than boarding school.

The eventual move to Windsor Castle? With Lambrook a 15-minute drive from home, Prince William and Kate try to do the school drop-off and pickup most days. And although insiders say they will eventually live in the 1,000-year-old Windsor Castle itself, for now cottage life is much like it is at their beloved country retreat, Amner Hall in Norfolk, where the kids and their friends are in and out of the swimming pool. George will flop onto the sofa beside his father, while Charlotte makes a beeline for familiar guests. Theirs is a life of a “modern royal family doing normal things,” as one close family friend puts it.

[From People]

The emphasis on the idea that they’re still living in Adelaide Cottage is funny and obvious. That means it’s not true, by the way. Well, I’ll say it this way – now that Will and Kate have the run of the Windsor Castle estate, I’m sure they can properly spread out. Maybe William is forcing Kate to stay at Adelaide with the children for now, but I think it’s far, far more likely that they’ve already moved their sh-t out of Adelaide and moved into Windsor Castle or one of the larger properties on the estate. They barely moved in Adelaide Cottage in the first place – they waited until the very last minute and “moved in” like the weekend before the kids started school.

As for Peg & Buttons embracing a heavier workload… notice how People Magazine can’t even get a royal source to say that. It’s just an assumption on everyone’s part, like “please, now they’ll work more, surely?” LOL, it’s still not going to happen.

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