Piers Morgan reignites bitter feud with Madonna claiming shes so mean with money

Madonna makes surprise appearance at MTV's VMAs

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Piers Morgan, 56, has never been shy of speaking his mind; it’s one of the reasons he’s so well-known. So when he got the chance to reignite his feud with superstar Madonna, 63, he took it.

I’ve heard Madonna’s so mean with money her purse has to be opened with chainsaws


In his latest column for The Sun, Piers shares a quick-fire round of questions so his readers can get to know him better.

Sharing his thoughts about the celebrity “least likely to put their hand in their pocket”, only one name sprung to mind.

“I’ve heard Madonna’s so mean with money her purse has to be opened with chainsaws,” he retorted cheekily.

It comes after he slammed the 63-year-old star’s dominatrix-style outfit at last year’s VMAs.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter regularly speaks out against the US singer, and her appearance at the extravagant ceremony was no exception.

Taking to the stage in a bondage-look corset with a plunging neckline, puff sleeves, and ruffles, Piers was appalled.

She completed the edgy look with fingerless gloves, a hat, fishnet tights, and sky-high stilettos.

When she turned away from the crown, she flashed a glimpse of her bumcheeks in a the racy outfit.

Madonna attended the long-running awards to celebrate the 40th anniversary of MTV.

But Piers shared some snaps of the music icon in her outfits and simply branded them “cringe.”

Their fued goes back further, when he labelled her “pathetic” and “embarrassing” in September 2020.

He moaned: “When she did Holiday, she was the best popstar in the world. No question.

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“Now it’s just pathetic watching Madonna now. Pathetic.

“Everybody finds her pathetic and now we’re having a biopic.”

He added: “She’s 62 now going on 20. The act doesn’t work. It’s embarrassing.

“She doesn’t know how to age gracefully. She’s trying to act the age of her boyfriends. I think the latest one’s about – what is he, 18? They’re always older than her kids, I know that.”

He has also previously branded the singer a “self-indulgent twerp”, and an “attention seeker”.

No love lost there then!

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